Stevenson Bros sell sawmill co-product and biomass as products direct to end users.

Sawmill Co - Products

Sawdust, shavings, woodchip and bark were traditionally grouped as sawmill residue. However over recent years and in response to the demand and versatility for these products, sawmill residue has been rebranded as sawmill co-products.

Sawmill co-product has many uses in its natural form including; animal bedding, decorative landscaping and more recently biomass. It is also a key component in everyday products such as wallpaper, MDF and wood pellets.

Stevenson Bros can source and deliver full loads of sawmill co-products within the UK (in a large articulated truck). Alternatively, smaller quantities can be collected from our depot in Avonbridge.

Biomass Material


Demand for biomass as an energy source is increasing as the number of biomass boilers in the UK increase year on year.

The main source of biomass energy supply is wood related products including trees, clean green waste, sawmilling offcuts, lower quality bark, wood chip and sawdust.

Stevenson Bros, as a licenced waste transfer station, combines these wood resources to produce a quality biomass product which is then delivered to customer sites.